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Dear teacher

Dr. Mohammed Khreis

Extend our sincere thanks to you and grateful for your supervision on our training, you was generous with us your knowledge broad, it remains in our memory an example to those taught in our medical

Circo Abbas Nader          Zana Tahseen Hussein

Students Bord Kurdistan


To draw from the power of God singing smile in my heart, to the planting of the imprint made ​​me hope of another human being, and changed the course of my life, to the books of the second AD

To Dr. Mohammed Khreis

All thanks and gratitude from my heart and Jawarha, and Praise God richly rewarded

Nayef Mohammed Anzi

Saudi Arabia – Riyadh


Dedicate of Abdul Mohsen pilot – Abdul Rahman Al-Fuhaid / Saudi Arabia

To Dr. Mohammed Khreis – Jordan

May God protect him from all harm and raising the amount of

Dedicate of Hesham Mohamed Hassan al-Badawi, chairman of the elite

HE Dr. Mohammed Khreis / hospital director independence

April 22, 2008

Amman – Jordan

All thanks and gratitude

Dr. Fadel Muhammad Khreis

For the humanitarian treatment of his patients with high-end

Imad Saad Eddin Hassan and his brothers



Advanced Akram Abdel Mawla Abu Jddin sincere thanks and gratitude of the hospital director independence

Dr. Mohammed Khreis

The first is that special care for my children and Farah Ali

Akram Abdel Mawla Abu Jddin

Libyan Embassy – Amman

Greeting to Dr. Mohammed Khreis

Extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the success of the surgical procedure for the patient storm Alkhozai from Baghdad – Iraq

Wishing you continued progress and success

Fares Saad al-Hamdani

Thanks and appreciation to Dr. Mohammed Khreis

“Do not thank God who does not thank people.”

My sincere thanks and gratitude for the generous patronage untold described are reluctant to express the heart and Aovicm but Allah “for God Adzém what worked best and increase them of His Bounty”

And since you are doing fine

Mr. Ayed Sulaibeekh Hmab Suweilmi and his wife

Dedicate of Hussein Damtani – Bahrain

The best thing about the book is given to God “Almighty”

To Dr. Mohammed Khreis

I can not find better than the book of God … God bless you.

Greeting to Dr. Mohammed Khreis

Magda from the Sudanese

Dedicate … loyalty to the people of the tender

O happiness of Dr. Mohammed Khreis

“Whoever does not thank people does not thank God.”

I come to you Bami states thanks and deep appreciation and gratitude and the inclusion of your sympathy and attention during a hospital, and a white process your own hands, and when he touched you to Ultra Care perilous. I ask God Almighty to perpetuate your health to remain Edda and processors and May Allah reward us richly rewarded

Fadel Fadel Abdul Karim Osman Sudanese


“Whoever does not thank people does not thank God.”

Venerable Dr. Mohammed Khreis God save

I extend my thanks and my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Holy Jnabkm to the success of the surgery, which of your creator us and we hope that God saves those enamel consummate surgeon Thblsm which people hope and paint a smile on the lips sad.

We ask God to help and guide you in this life and the afterlife

Darling in God … Ahmed Anezi



Dr. Mohammed Khreis / consultant general surgery and gastrointestinal tract

Hide words of thanks and appreciation behind the effort continued, and diminished expressions of gratitude about Jamilk scattered and depleted tables tender timidly from collapsed Attaik, and emerge our silent towards ÔăćÎ Mount Okhalaqk, Valmthalah began to smile, and I grew up in a greeting, and embodied in your good self, FLAC chose the highest sense of respect and appreciation and invitations

“God made ​​you wherever you are blessed”

Colonel Assaf Ben hanging bin Rabiean

Saudi Royal Guard

1435 e 2014