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So I had my gastric sleeve surgery in sunny Amman on the 14th June. That morning I was 84-85 kgs. I’m 163cm tall, which made my BMI about 32, which is obese, but not excessively. I’m 45 and a mother of 2 from London.

I was fit but I was miserable and depressed with my weight. I also felt that it started to have a negative effect on my health overall. I tried to loose weight all my life, I have been on a diet of some sort since the age of 9!  Sometimes I lost a lot of weight and put it all back again. Lately I found it really difficult to loose it in the first place.

I knew my only hope was surgery. I told noone but my partner and daughter.

I have contacted a few surgeons in Europe, but not only they were 3 to 5 times more expensive, they actually refused to operate me, saying that I was not fat enough. Some suggested I put on more weight!? I was not prepared to do that! That’s crazy!

Anyway, I have come accross Dr Khrais in Jordan and the more I read about him, the more I was sure he was the right doctor for me. I was so excited when he accepted me as a patient.

I had hundreds of questions before the surgery. I was going to travel to the Middle East as a woman, for the first time in my life and by myself. I knew if I told this to any of my friends, they would have said I was crazy, so I didn’t tell 🙂 Raya, Dr Khrais’s assistant and nutritionist, answered all my questions and completely reassured me that all will be fine. Even before I travelled I was already feeling safe and looked after.

Once I got there, I had a day to look around in Amman, a beautiful city with a lot of history. I saw Dr Khrais the day before the surgery. He was very friendly and professional and once I met him, any little niggling worries I might have still had, have completely disappeared. He does so many of these surgeries, it’s completely routine for him and I felt in safe hands. I had my last BIG supper the night before and the morning after I went off to the hospital. The operation was quick and I was up and about the very same day. He had 9 of us to do that day! But I have heard that some days he can operate on 15 people. I guess practice makes a master.

Despite  feeling ok after surgery, I asked Dr Khrais if I could stay in hospital for longer than the standard one night and he agreed I did for another 3 days, until I fly back to London. So I cancelled my hotel room and stayed in hospital (at no extra cost). I have to say, I was treated like a princess :-).

All the nurses and doctors were super nice and they made me feel very welcome and safe.

The hospital itself was clean and comfortable and I had a big private room. Dr Khrais even got me a dongle to have internet connection!

After the 3 days, I few back to London with diet plan and medication etc… Raya, the exceptionally beautiful (and helpful) nutritionist explained to me everything in details. At that stage, it was almost impossible to eat or drink anything.

Once back to London, I followed the guidelines of what to eat etc. It was EASY!!! No self discipline needed! I felt like a “normal” person again. It was like Dr Khrais cured my food addiction. Suddenly I was craving “good” food, salads and not sweets! Heaven! 🙂

So my weight loss has been steady and almost boring. 🙂 It was easy and reliable. I aimed to be about 60-65 kgs by the end of year (in 6 months), I am now 66-67 (in 4 months) and I’m already a size 8-10, so I have readjusted my plans and actually I’m not planning to loose any more weight. I’m really happy at the weight I am now. I find it incredibly easy to stay at this weight though, no effort whatsoever. I hope it will stay this way. I still cannot overeat but I can eat anything I want. I’m back to my normal life, routine, exercise. None of my friends know I have had an operation, all they know is that I was on a diet and lost the weight. They are all very jealous thought 🙂


It was the best thing I could do for myself.

Thank you so much Dr Khrais and Raya and the rest of the team!