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Nutrition treatment can exert major impacts on the course of disease. It can support the body’s immune responses, prevent wasting, help the body to withstand drug, surgical or other treatments; and improve the quality and length of life.
With respect to chronic diseases, choices people make about their nutrition can at least help to postpone their development and sometimes prevent them altogether.
With master’s level dietitians specializing in a variety of areas, Dr. Mkhrais Clinic prides itself on being able to provide quality care to patients managing a variety of medical conditions. A thorough assessment evaluates medical and dietary history including relationship with food. Dietary contributions to the specified condition will be analyzed and discussed. Strategies to maximize nutritional well-being will be implemented.

Learning about nutrition can benefit both physical and mental health. Education regarding functions of food promotes wise food choices, meal planning, and a healthful overall diet. These habits benefit physical health. In addition, increased knowledge can dispel food fears. Knowing the facts can relieve guilt or worry that one is not eating well. Thus, the diet is enhanced as well as the enjoyment of eating which benefits emotional health.

Research continues to reinforce the importance of sound nutrition to overall health and wellness. Guidance provided will be based on cutting edge, evidence-based research. At Dr. Mkhrais we serve individuals from infancy into their golden years, assisting them in maximizing their nutrition well-being.