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Jordan Medical Pages dialogue Dr. Mohammed Khrais consultant general surgery and gastrointestinal endoscope and obesity surgery

{Simulating the future … but the language of science and medicine}
perhaps the title’s most prominent (meeting number) with a consultant general surgery and gastrointestinal endoscope and obesity surgery, Dr. Mohammed Khreis, meeting does not stop at an exclusive interview with the surgeon iconic in its competence and stature medical heavily expertise and achievement alone, but they lead us also to talk about the near future and tomorrow to come, to address the steps after the success, and the search for what is best, because our guest of the most ardent and interested observers also to keep pace with the developments and the massive developments in the field of medicine, the mission of the medical sector seem to express, a need taking all the reasons and arms all the tools to meet the challenges of the coming age, so as not to lose our race against time in the field of surgical medicine, and even maintain the existence of an influential medical and reputation in front of a bright explosion of knowledge and technology of modern medicine.

Tell us about the beginning of the (Dr, MKhrais Clinic) and services?

We have an integrated service for patients with obesity in terms of the types of programs under the supervision of food and nutrition as well as waterproofing to follow up cases that have performed surgery for obesity, as processes balloon and gastric banding and gastric welding and turn the tide.

What led you to choose this specialty?

Surgery of the digestive system of distinctive competencies and skills that you need for surgery and the expertise and knowledge of solutions complications that occurred and prevent them from the beginning, so I travel a lot to Europe to pursue advanced laparoscopic surgery as well as surgery and complex cases returned.

What are the most common operations at your clinic?

Types of obesity surgery, stomach stapling and of rerouting and repackaging or hook or balloon stomach.

Laparoscopic surgery is a quantum leap in the history of surgery worldwide, what are the main benefits?

Is a quantum leap in the history of human medicine in terms of accuracy and visibility and the lack of complications known traditional surgery, as it reduces post-operative pain and needs to be held for a short time and improve the outward appearance. We all work at the center of operations for the digestive system endoscopic types of obesity and rebound intestinal and bowel resection and colon as well as rectal prolapse and splenectomy in addition to abdominal hernia operations.

What is the new medicine after endoscopy?

The use of the endoscope and a surgical hole in one of these available to us in Jordan, in addition to the use of the mouth or anus to conduct a hybrid laparoscopic surgical telescope and the digestive tract at the same time (Hybrid Surgery).

What is the situation which is suitable for the laparoscope surgical procedure for obesity?

We take into account several factors, including weight, height and obesity factor and the nature of the patient in terms of eating sugars in addition to other factors as the existence of pressure, diabetes, and other dietary habits.

Is there a contraindication for laparoscopic obesity surgery?

There are no contraindications to surgery inhibitions obesity is related to anesthesia and age.

What are the expected results after obesity surgery laparoscopic?

Are very good results, taking into account the follow-up and help the patient and communicate with waterproofing medical nutrition guidelines to abide by.

What is the ratio of weight loss after laparoscopic obesity surgery?

Vary from one process to another, from one patient to another, depending on the commitment of the patient and to avoid getting used to eating food high-calorie, but the success of any operation is measured in the loss of about 50% of excess weight.

Did it cause (connecting and stapling of the stomach and the balloon) problems in women, particularly with regard to pregnancy and childbearing?

These operations do not constitute a disability for pregnancy or childbearing versa help that those who suffer from obesity or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

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``Distinct international center in the Middle East specialist surgery Obesity on the way to the light soon ...”

Dr.Mohammad khrais
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``So as not to widen the gap between us and the rapid movement of the flag ... Keep up Modern medical technology has become a top priority ...”

Dr.Mohammad khrais