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What is the gastric balloon and its side effects?

Gastric balloon weight helps the descent, but by a few, but use it as a first stage of the landing weight before the final process, especially if there are temporary contraindications for general anesthesia, and the expected effects are nausea and vomiting, but on a temporary basis.

Is there privacy in dealing with cases of child obesity?

There are privacy in dealing with cases of child obesity in terms of the medical examinations of the endocrine glands and the nature of the dietary habits of their ages, for example, do not recommend linking operations to below the stomach (16) years in any case.

Can laparoscopic cholecystectomy in all patients?

There are some situations in which we are forced to open the abdomen where a cholecystectomy if there is a tumor or adhesion bitter gall bladder bile channels, but now we laparoscopic bile ducts to explore without having to open the abdomen.

Tell us about how to repair a hernia Laparoscopic surgical Are there complications can occur?

Best of hernia operations currently are special cases and arthroscopic any feedback that have already been conducted with operations open the belly and back then it is better to be held laparoscopic.

What are the reasons of laparoscopic colectomy surgery and what are medical devices used in the conduct?

Laparoscopic colectomy for tumors of all grades currently use advanced medical devices for it in terms of hardware devices staplers or prevent bleeding liga-Sure.

What are the most in need of operations at the time of your status, and how much requires made to stay in the center or the hospital?

Not conducting operations clinic, but cases of obesity take the most time at the center.

Do you welcome cases from outside Jordan?

We receive cases from Jordan and from different Arab countries and Britain and the United States as well as for the conduct of obesity, and we get to know through friends or online.

How did you find the response of patients and their reactions to the results of operations conducted them?

There is great satisfaction in patients and to our auditors, where they arrived to the results
They want and this gives us an impression of how pleased the results, and by the number of patients who come to us from the prior knowledge is only watching the results to their friends and relatives are very positive response from them.

What's your assessment of the level of medical in Jordan?

Level Advanced Medical Center in Jordan, but in the long run I’m afraid it for several reasons, including the rapid progress in neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia
And other Gulf states, and the potential is not only physical but also to humanity as well, where there are many doctors Arabian students abroad for medical specialties of all kinds, and we noticed through medical conferences in Europe and America, where they come to participate and attend conferences in large numbers.

How can we continue our journey in the third millennium without dip?

There is nothing without obstacles or challenges, but we must be up to the challenge always have access and knowledge and follow-up to the latest medical developments in the world, and a focus on service and the development of this specialty outstanding (gastrointestinal surgery laparoscopic) so that all our attention to this profession and nothing else.

What are your projects for the future?

I am trying to complete the project obesity surgery specialist center in Jordan, an internationally recognized to be distinct in the Middle East.

Do you want to bring the word to the medical sector?

The evolution quick medical currently in the world will lead to a radical change in the methods of treatment known surgical, so keep the same principles of surgical But surgical methods will change in different disciplines where some specialties surgical fade in the long run depending on the evolution of surgical happening currently using Android as well as surgery through radiation Image Guided Surgery so I would advise newly graduated doctors to pay attention when choosing surgical specialties and work on the use of the latest medical technology in modern surgery because they are the future surgery.

``Some of the surgical specialties will disappear in the long run as a result of the development of surgical ...``

Dr.Mohammad khrais

``Great satisfaction with our patients on what they get from the results of operations We are having them... ``

Dr.Mohammad khrais